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      It has now been about two weeks since Niall had tickled Liam. For those past days, the only thing on Liam's mind was revenge! He thought about nothing else. By now, their movie "This Is Us" was about to come out in a couple of days. Everyone was really focused on it, but there was one member focused on something else. That something else was an irish lad named Niall Horan. Liam studied him like a book. Eventually, Liam's time to strike finally came. One Direction was very psyched and filled with joy. They couldn't believe they made it this far with their accomplishments. By the time the premier for their movie came, Liam had already sought out his plan.

     They were all on the red carpet, smiling and taking pictures with their fans. Liam kept Niall on his eye while talking to reporters. It was after the premier when Liam decided to get his revenge on Niall.

       After the Premier, Liam and Niall were the first 2 to get in the car while the other 3 members stood taking pictures. They sat in the back. Liam, without Niall noticing, took out a cloth and covered Niall's mouth and nose with it. In a matter of 20 seconds, he fainted. Liam's plan was now about to commence. About a minute after that, the other 3 came in and all looked at Niall confused. Liam jumped in and said

"He told me earlier he was tired for some weird reason."

"Well alright then." Answered Zayn.

Liam then smiled evilly when they are turned back around to sit. He looked beside him at Niall, and felt sorry he had to make him faint. But he quietly then whispered,

"Payback's a b***ch Niall!"

When they finally got home, Liam "helped" Niall to their room. He laid him on the bed, and looked at him. He then got some rope from the closet that he hid, same with handcuffs, duct tape, blindfold, and a rag. Liam took of Niall's nice looking jacket that he wore, and hung it in the closet. That was the only thing Liam took off of Niall. He then tied Niall like an X. He handcuffed both of his hands to each bed post by his head, then duct taped his legs to the bed posts. He then blindfolded his eyes, and looked at poor Niall.

"See what you made me do Naill..?? You don't ever tickle daddy direction." Said Liam while shaking his head, and feeling sorry.

Niall was now waking up.

"Ughh... Wha..... WHAT'S HAPPENING??? HELP! HELP! Liam are you there? Please help me!"

Liam stood there laughing in the inside. He then walked over to Niall and put a long strip of duct tape reaching from one ear, to the other, over his mouth. Niall now squirmed like a maniac trying to get free. Liam then climbed on top of the bed, and sat on Niall's stomach. He then started tickling Niall's neck. He started off slowly with light tickling getting good laughs & giggles from Niall. He then decided to take it up a notch. Liam started tickling all around his neck as fast as he can.


Liam stopped, and turned his body around, and moved back, so he was sitting on his chest, and Niall's stomach was free to attack. He then started off by poking quickly in Niall's sides! Niall almost screamed like a little girl. Liam was loving every second of this. He then got off of Niall's chest and sat on his crotch. He then lifted up his shirt, and drew shapes on his little pale tummy. The blindfold that was over Niall's eyes, were now getting soaked cause his tears. He then moved to his armpits. He ran his fingers in them like if there's was no tomorrow!

"STAHAHAHAP! I.... I CAHAHAN'T TAHAHKAHEE IT AHANY-....." Niall then stopped when Liam stopped.

Liam got up went to one of the bed post where Niall's feet were tied. He walked over to his left foot slowly. He then bent down, and moved his hand over his high top Nikes. He decided to go look at Niall's face, and noticed he was twitching each time Liam touched his foot. He then started to untie his long black high-top nikes.

Please..... Don't... I won't be able to handle it..... Just take.... My money or anything else.." Niall said in between breathes.

Liam wasn't going to listen, just like how Niall didn't listen to him when he pleaded. He then decided to continue, and unlace them. He unleaded them so his shoes had no shoe laces on them. After that, he pulled the shoe tongue all the way back, and stuck one figure in through where the heel goes. He wiggled it, an Niall wiggled his foot like crazy. Niall wiggled his foot so hard, that his shoe even came off.

Niall face now turned pale. But Liam's face started to look like a clowns smile. What stood before Liam's face was an all white socked foot that had a very good smell to it. Liam couldn't help himself, so he used on finger to slide up & down Niall's sole. Niall went ballistic! He bucked all over the bed and for a second, Liam thought he was gonna get free. So he then decided to use all of his 10 fingers to scribble Niall's socked sole. Liam did this for about 10 minutes then stop. He went over to Niall's right shoe an did the same thing to that foot.


Liam then took off both socks, and when he took off the socks, he couldn't help but get filled with joy. After about 2 minutes of smiling, he went to the bathroom and put some baby lotion on each of his hands. When he came back into the room, he spread the lotion on his hands on both of Niall's feet. He then got a comb. And went back & forth scribbling on each foot. After about 5, he then pulled Niall's toes back, and started scribbling on the balls of his feet. Tickling all of Niall's feet lasted for about 15 minutes. Liam decided to then end it. He to Niall's jeans, and unbuckled his pants. He slid off the belt and through it on the floor. He then pulled down Niall's jeans to his ankles. After that, he got a feather and stuck it in the opening f Niall's boxers and swirled it in there. Niall went crazy. The bed they shared almost broke! He moved the feather around for about 3 more minutes. Liam then decided to go wild. He pulled down Niall's boxers, took his socks from the ground, and wrap them around his bulge. After that Liam started tickling the tip of Niall's penis. He ticked all over, even putting the feather inside the skin.

"AHAHAHAHAHA STAHAHHAHAP!!" Niall couldn't help him self.

Liam kept this going to he saw that Niall was about to orgasm. He stopped slowly, and web to his feet with the feather. He started tickling each foot. After about 5 more minutes, he made Niall pass out again. He fully dressed him, and later him on top of the bed. Liam washed his hands and checked himself before leaving. He went a couple of doors down and invited Zayn. He told Zayn to eat while he goes out to get something real quick. Liam knew Niall was about to wake up after he left. Liam then waked over to Harry & Louis room, and relaxed. While Zayn was eating. Niall started to wake up. He now thought Zayn tickled the crap out of him. He got up and greeted Zayn! Zayn greeted him back excitedly! They both decided to eat, but Niall also had something on his mind than eating this time. And that was getting his amazing revenge on his British bad boy band mate, Zayn Malik.
Ok guys! This is part 2!! Hope you guys like it, especially the ending!! Comment guys! I would like to hear what you guys think about it!
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Queenoflaughs Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student
I love both of these cant wait for Zayns
XpavilioNx315 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013
Queenoflaughs Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student
tkfr Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013
I love it!!! Poor Niall!! ;) Only (teeny tiny) criticism is that he's still able to talk after he's gagged. :/ But other than that it's perfect! :D
XpavilioNx315 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Oh yeah I forgot lol sorry! And thanks!
tkfr Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2013
Don't apologize! It's still a great story. Maybe that's what he's saying but Liam can't understand. ;)
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